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Muammer KetencogluYou haven't heard of Muammer Ketencoglu?  Well, it's time you had because he's one of the most extraordinary figures in contemporary Turkish music. Ketencoglu, a Turk from Izmir (Smyrna) is a truly gifted musician, an exceptional virtuoso of the accordion and an excellent singer, whose wealth of knowledge of rebetiko surprises the experts. His instrumental and vocal performances stay true to the authentic style of the genre, even though he neither reads nor speaks Greek. Evidence of Muammer's knowledge of and love for rebetiko is his thoughtful participation in the production of two CDs of rebetika songs - chiefly of the Smyrnaic period - remastered from old 78 r.p.m. recordings. His leadership role in various musical ventures reveals that the level and breadth of his musical knowledge are not limited to rebetiko but also cover wide areas of Balkan music, and, naturally, Turkish music. Visit his excellent website at:

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